Why I Refuse To Let My Kids Win

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I love playing games. I am creepily obsessed with them. I’m not talking mind games, I gave those up years ago. I’m talkin about Jenga, Balderdash, What, Cards Against Humanity, Cranium, I wanna play them all!

My family growing up was always extremely competitive. We did the camping “Spit” tournaments. We played crib, golf, all the card games you could think of. We played these with a with a full out round robin roster. As soon as we became around drinking age, it got even more intense. Beer pong tournys, flip cup, anything we could make into a drinking game, we did (Check out my previous post point #3 to see the extent they go)

Family game nights are intense in our family. You really have to have balls of steel going into them, we get ruthless. My brother and I especially. My sister-in-law hates it because no matter if she wins or not, the competition is always between my bro and I.

“I win!’ I cry excitedly after finally passing my brother for the Golf victory.

My sis-in law – “Yeah I literally won by like 30 points but, you guys do you.”

We had it drilled in our heads, you don’t win if you cheat. If you got caught cheating my mom would straight up ban you from playing. That’s it. Lets just say, we learned quick to play fair. Same punishment went for being a sore loser. I want my kids to learn from this as well.

I mean of course I don’t enjoy beating them at every single game of tic tac toe, but until they learn that THE MIDDLE SQUARE IS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE KIDS! Then this is just the way it has to be. Okay maybe its partially to do with teaching them a lesson and partially because I just can’t lose. Its an 80/20 split….ok 60/40 but still!

I want my kids to have that competitive spirit and the only way I know how to boost that up is by sending them back home in trouble every chance I can. My daughter is getting it though! She sent me home 20+ times last game, shrugged it off and says,

“Sorry that I’m so great, better luck next time.”

That’s my girl. I’ll take that as a parenting Win.

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