I Need A Vacation From My Vacation

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I just got back from an amazing family vacation to the Grand Bahia Principe Coba in Cancun, Mexico.

Not only was it our first out of country family trip but it was also my brother and sissy in laws beautiful destination wedding in which my youngest daughter and myself were apart of. (post on the wedding coming soon!)

Both things are equally incredible and stressful experiences.

After all the passport applications, flight bookings, travel insurance, dog sitter set up, medication refills, calls to schools, daycares and cheer for excused absences, shopping (omg so much shopping), and packing I was finally prepared for a week filled with sun, rum, and family fun.

Unfortunately, I found out quick that momming on vacation is very much like momming at home with a few slight differences.

For one, its much less convenient. I don’t mean my kids were inconveniences…. most of the time anyways. Dragging a days’ worth of anything they may need from diapers to buckets, hats, towels, wipes, bottles, sunscreen, that was inconvenient. All of this being carted around in an overstuffed beach bag weighing down the back of the umbrella stroller. The umbrella stroller that must be folded up every time we hop on the tram to move from place to place.

Trams were my saving grace seeing as the combination of the heat, the bumpy cobblestone walkways that the stroller wheels loved to get stuck on, and the incessant whining from the entire family, (mostly my husband) for having to walk further than ten feet, getting anywhere without them would have been a nightmare!

Captain Obvious point: Strollers don’t work well on sandy beaches, no matter how much you stubbornly want them to.

Secondly, you don’t have snacks consistently on hand. I didn’t really think about this beforehand or else I would have attempted to cram more granola bars and baby mum mums for our trip. Now I totally get why you can’t take snacks from the buffet. Mostly because people at resorts truly don’t give a f#$! about anything or anyone around them. I can only imagine what the pool and pool deck would look like if Sally and John could bring their plate of half eaten penne alfredo and broccoli salad to bake in the sun beside their deck chair all day. Blech.

Thirdly, the whole no tap water situation. You will never appreciate clean drinkable tap water more than when you need to clean a bottle, brush five sets of teeth, and keep the whole family hydrated at night using only the three water bottles they leave in your room.

Lastly, the fact that we call it a vacation but really your responsibilities are more heightened than at home. There are so many more risks! My one-year old son for instance, loves the water. He loves the water so much he wants to crawl into it until he is fully submerged. I spent most of my days worrying about sun stroke, reapplying sunscreen, making sure everyone was hydrated, if they were hungry, how long they should be sitting in wet clothes, how much time was left in the day to nap and shower before dinner, if my husband was watching them, or if the cervezas have taken away his ability to co parent.

It’s almost like your relaxation is just slightly beyond your reach, you can see it, you can smell it, you can almost feel yourself drifting blissfully into it! Then you get squirted in the face with that pool noodle water gun your daughter had to have. Nice.

Luckily, I did have a lot of family and friends, my parents especially, that would tag me out occasionally, so I could sit with a raspberry mojito and white girl dance to some Sean Paul blaring from the speakers at the swim up bar.

Despite all these things, it was an amazing thing to see everyone disconnect from their devices, and connect with each other, laugh, tease, and make memories that will last a lifetime. I would take all that stress on 100 times over to see my teenager smile like I’ve never seen her smile before, to hear my six-year-old laughing so hard she was crying. To watch them all curl up at the end of the day together mouths wide open, snoring, hair tangled from the salt water. There is no sight better than your children smiling in their sleep. I can’t wait for the next one. Maybe even one without the kids hunny? ❤

Now, time for the recovery Zzzz

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