Parents Guide For Surviving Summer

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Summer is here! Which means those small people you’ve made (or acquired out of the goodness of your heart) are expecting you to keep them entertained every waking moment for the next two months!


We dream of the perfect summer, doing crafts we’ve been pinning all year round to our Pinterest boards, getting out to the local water parks with a basket filled with healthy sensible snacks. Spending our days lounging on the beach, finally finishing that book we’ve been dying to read, while our little angels sit nicely under the shade of a tree building sandcastles together. Of course with all of these activities the kids are begging to skip the story and go straight to a peaceful 12 hour slumber. Just thinking about it makes my heart smile πŸ™‚ <3.

When in reality, we tried a handful of crafts that took three times as long to set up as they did to bore our kids. We tried the crowded water park, spent 45 minutes dragging everything out of the car and setting it up in the half inch of space left on the grass. Then we watched the kids fight over a water gun for 10 minutes until they got fed up and started fighting over the bag of Doritos and the foot long sub we picked up on the way instead. After an hour of water “fun” we drag the now hot, exhausted screaming kids back to the car.

Once you’re home its 5 o clock! How did that even happen, gotta start dinner. One kid hates corn, the other has now chosen to be vegan, two more are eating dirt from the garden. Daddy’s home! Aaaaand daddy’s fallen asleep on the couch. Now for the forced dinner, forced bath, forced bedtime x 3. Thank god its all over, half bottle of wine and Zzzzzzz.

Repeat x 62

If this sounds like a day in your summer life here are a few go-to tips to get you through

1.Don’t Over Plan

We get so consumed trying to fill our children’s lives with memories that we don’t make realistic summer goals for ourselves. Making plans to hit up all of the surrounding lakes and attractions seems like a great way to keep everyone happy but its not attainable for the entire summer. Not only is it beyond exhausting for everyone, its not that easy on your wallet either.

2. Keep It Simple

Remember all of the things you had fun with as kids? Being put in the backyard with a couple buckets and shovels and somehow turning it into a magical potion factory, or a mud pie shop. They don’t need much to have a good time, they just need to have the chance to use that crazy imagination that they’re blessed with.

3. Use The Buddy System

Mom tribe unite! Grab a friend with comparable aged children, or a child-less friend that hasn’t been tainted by parenthood and still loves to play hide and seek with kids that hide in the most painfully obvious hiding spots. Using the buddy system is the best way to combine play time with social time. Sitting on your deck talking with an actual adult while your offspring tire each other out is a serious win-win in my books.

4. Let Them Be Bored

Seriously, you do not have to be responsible for every waking moment of their lives. A good way to keep the boredom cries at bay is to offer up a fun list of household chores for them to do if they really are that bored. Works almost everytime.

5. Hand Em Over

If your children are lucky enough to have Grammy and Pop Pop close by that are itching for some grand baby time, hand them over. Having a night or a day to yourself, or with your spouse is so important. Plus the kids always love being in a new environment doing different things, being stuffed full of sugar and love.

6. Get Rid Of That Guilt

Don’t get down on yourself if you’re having an overwhelming day or week or even entire summer! Its hard changing the routine, its hard having pressure to make every moment epic for your little people. On the days you just can’t handle it, shut those blinds, throw on some Disney and give yourself a break.

7. Adult Bevvys

If all else fails, grab yourself a glass of rose sit back and enjoy the chaos that is summer vacation. Cheers!

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