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Parents Guide For Surviving Summer

Summer is here! Which means those small people you’ve made (or acquired out of the goodness of your heart) are expecting you to keep them entertained every waking moment for the next two months! YAY! We dream of the perfect summer, doing crafts we’ve been pinning all year round to our Pinterest boards, getting out

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Why I Refuse To Let My Kids Win

I love playing games. I am creepily obsessed with them. I’m not talking mind games, I gave those up years ago. I’m talkin about Jenga, Balderdash, What, Cards Against Humanity, Cranium, I wanna play them all! My family growing up was always extremely competitive. We did the camping “Spit” tournaments. We played crib, golf, all

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A Few Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mom

I remember being pregnant with my daughter at the ripe age of 21, reading up on parenting via “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and scanning the forums of the Babybump app to absorb every morsel of maternal material my pre-motherhood brain could manage. Once that beautiful baby girl was born I used maybe 1/18th

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