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Parents Guide For Surviving Summer

Summer is here! Which means those small people you’ve made (or acquired out of the goodness of your heart) are expecting you to keep them entertained every waking moment for the next two months! YAY! We dream of the perfect summer, doing crafts we’ve been pinning all year round to our Pinterest boards, getting out

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The Nightmare of Packing For Vacation With Kids

Remember packing for vacation before kids? A few sundresses, shorts and cute flowy tops, a couple sexy date night dresses for the romantic dinners with your spouse, a handful of thongs and boy shorts, and don’t forget that skimpy bathing suit that looks damn fine on your 19-21-year-old pre-baby body. Yeah, those were the days,

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The Social Experiment That Is School Pick-up

I used to consider myself a pretty social person. I was always slightly awkward but for the most part I could start a convo with pretty much anyone. So why is it so hard to do this at school pick up! I either shut right down and mumble my words or splurt out some self

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